Its a late night, you have been working all day and you are finally home to enjoy your dinner. Your two seconds away from taking a bit and then the phone rings. You answer what you know its a Telemarketer.

-Final approval for the no-call list

-If your on the list there will be a $5,000 civial penalty for any telemarketer that calls you

-Bill was passed unanimously, 118-0

-wont be effected until July

–The proposal also bans telemarketers from using technology that blocks caller ID components on the phone.

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“Young Frankenstein”

A few weeks ago Sheas Performing Arts had the pleasure to have the musical Young Frankenstein on their stage. Colin Dabkowski did the review for the musical and it was published in the Buffalo News.  There were a few things that were off in his review. Colin was talking about how this is the year of the monsters, Shrek was the first start of the monster season then Young Frankenstein and then Wicked will finish the season off. Colin was saying how Shrek was a Disney film, wrong it is in fact a DreamWorks film and those are two different film companies.  In his review he said how the play didn’t live up to the film.  Taking a film and putting it to the stage is very hard to do, and the film isn’t even a musical so that means more work. It’s a Mel Brooks production he wrote the film and the play so it’s up to him want he wants to add in or take out. I thought it was all there, all the funny scenes that were in the movie showed up on the stage. Even the book case scene, I wasn’t expecting that scene because I thought it was going to be a difficult thing to pull it off on the stage. Colin most have had an off day because I went that Saturday night and I couldn’t stop laughing the actors were amazing and very true to the characters. I could tell that they were adding in a few lines because the actors were doing a lot of giggling. I’m guessing that Colin never saw the movie because he wrote in his review that the play is dead on the operating table.

I went with my father, so I had another fan of the movie with me. I didn’t know what to expect from this play. I never saw clips from the Broadway show and I never heard the music. I did see the 1974 movie so I knew what to expect from the movie. As my father and I laughed the night away it made me realize that this was a perfect play. The music went prefect with the scenes and the songs were very catchy. Igor he was amazing he looked sounded, acted just like the original actor he was perfect. I was impressed with all the actors on the stage. I thought that everything worked on the stage; this wasn’t a hard movie to compare to the stage. Unlike Spiderman the musical that is a difficult movie to put on the stage.


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“The In Laws”

There are many questions in the world that are dealing with “the in laws”, they could be very supported to you and then at one point get so involved with your own problems. Mother in laws are the major pain, they could be very fake around you and say good things about you but once you turn your back they are telling all their friends negative stuff about you. The reason why they act this was is because you’re taking away their child. In their eyes their child is still considered their little baby no matter what age. Mother in laws are the worse when you are taking away their son. They realize that they don’t need a mother figure since they have you. In laws could be a problem in all marriages. They sometimes could barrage in at the wrong moment in a persons life. When you get married then “the in laws” all know that you are not officially part of the family and there is no way of getting them out, and at that point they realize they had lost in the fight of trying to get you away from the family. Now that you are part of the family “the in laws” you will see more often now. They will invite you to anything, and sometimes they will be at your house more then your own family.

“In laws” have been a major talk in Hollywood for many years they have made movies that involve “the in laws”.  Monster in law shows a great example of a mother trying to take over her son, and trying to break them apart and have him be with the one his mother wants. Everybody loves Raymond is another example of “in laws” that wont stop in getting involved with their kids lives and are always at there house eating there food. When Hollywood puts out movies or shows that show this it isn’t new to the public.

“In laws” might not always have control over there kids life they might be happy for whatever they do, “in laws” could be very helpful when it comes to the right situation.  Survey says that you most show respect to them, even if you don’t think they deserve it.  Your spouse will always be loyal to his family, show you most show it too but make sure that you come first. No criticizing “the in laws” even if they are from hell because making comments create problems. Share feelings to your spouse about your family. You have to open up about your own family issues and by doing this it will help you move forward in life. You have to set up boundaries with “the in laws” concerning your feelings and holidays and visit time and financial issues and the big topic privacy. Don’t be afraid to say NO to “the in laws” to make sure you have enough make up a password so your spouse understands when it is time to end the visit.

There comes a part in life that you will need to tell your “in laws” off but not in a bad way. Even though that they might not mean to get involved with there children’s life, but when they see that they have kids of there own. “In laws” want to help out since they have already done that.  It is also good to have them be around to help just incase you need to get things done around the house. There is a limit to this because new parents want to also try this on their own.  A mother in law will always say that they have good intentions of why they want to be around all the time.  I always think that they want you to fail as a parent so they can take over, that’s why there around all the time.  You need to speak up to them and tell them how you feel because not doing anything is going to cause you to go crazy in the long run.

No matter what you will always need them, even though they could be fake or controlling they are still family and you will need them in life.


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freedom of speech.

1) Which side do you fall on for the WikiLeaks debate? Was Assange right to post the information that he did?  Is it free speech or does it hurt us? What are your thoughts/reactions to the Buffalo News article?

Freedom of speech, he can do whatever he likes he wasn’t hurting anyone but then the USA says that he was hurting us but I see no difference. The buffalo news treats him like he is this evil person and that he killed all are secrets but I don’t agree with their comments on him.

2) Considering what you’re read, the piece we listened to last night, your experiences with the news, and the NPR bill we talked about–Is the new biased? Explain your thoughts. Do not focus on Fox News or MSN or other 24 hour news stations. Instead consider more traditional outlets–our regular stations (ABC, NBC, CBS), newspapers, radio, etc.

ABC, NBC, CBS are to happy friendly news, Fox News I think cover the news a lot better when it comes to story’s like this.  I feel like those news don’t cover it correct.

3) What is the correlation between the piece we listened to from This American Life and the movie Network?

The network was a story about getting high ratings and they don’t care how they active that. They took a man who wasn’t healthy and exposed him to the world showing off his crazy side. Then in the end kill him off, crazy movie.

4) Remember I said Network was originally written as a parody.

“TV is show business.” -Diana

“We’re in the boredom killing business.”-Howard

“…all boredom amused.” -Jensen (Who also argued there are no nations, no people, just money.)

Does what Network reflect today’s evening news hour? If so, how? If not, explain. What similarities or differences are there between the current TV news and The Howard Beale Show? Could Network happen today? Does it?

I think no news show is anything like The Howard Beale Show unless people think that the Jerry Springer Show is really a news show. Most shows now of days are happy news show, even if they have bad news they act normal show no emotion.  No excitement in the real world news, that’s why you need to watch the higher channel shows the excitement with what is going on in the world.


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Huck Finn

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain has been under talk for awhile now and a school teacher has taken control of this issue. Recently a new Huckleberry Finn novel has been available to the public.  It’s the same as the mid-19th century book story, then what is so special about this book. Over 219 uses of the word “nigger” has been removed and replaced with the word “slave.” Teachers feel that when they teach that story in school, they don’t want to pronounce that word. There not saying that Mark Twain is a bad person for writing that word in but since the time has changed the schools don’t need to hear that word, they can change it.

Why should this bother us, its still the same story its just missing one word. This does bother a lot people, they believe that because they took this word out its not the same story. Well of course it is, same plot, setting and characters. People want those words back because it shows other people how they really talked and acted back then. I feel that tampering with a classic novel should not be done, it was a different time period then. How would authors know that in a 100 years life would change and people wouldn’t talk like that.

I think Huck Finn should remain as is. The remarks about race talks about the time which was written. If it was taken away, how will the readers understand what really happened in those time. Twain’s words are powerful. People believe that they should leave the racial word in and not censor it because Mark Twain wrote that book for a reason and by censoring it, then the reader wont get the same feel of the book.

Mark Twain isn’t around today, so its unfair to get the whole story from him, or if he agrees with teachers on taking that word out. Since he’s not here, people feel that they can change anything with out his word. If Mark Twain was around today, he would probably outraged that people would want to censor a classic.

Now of days this word is used everywhere, books, songs, and movies. It wont  go away but in today’s time this word is being used for the wrong reason.  You don’t hear anyone trying to get it off songs or movies. Then why is everyone making a big deal about a classic novel, he isn’t using the word in a terrible way.  Its not like he wrote this book yesterday he wrote this in the 1800’s where this word was used a lot. We would never go through Shakespeare’s story’s and take away his choice of words. That’s because of the time he wrote his stuff. Then why do it to Mark Twain where his writings could be based on true life.


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For the past week I’ve asked tons of people on what they thought of book banning, most of them said the same answer.  They were against this topic, they feel that it shows lack of intelligence and unjustified fear of the unknown.  Books help people in so many ways, so this topic is a waste of words.

It’s an attempt to control and censorship and I don’t agree with it. Now, parental controls are something else and very necessary. If you don’t like a book then you shouldn’t read it, but don’t take it away from others.

Any book banning is wrong. People should have the right to read what they want. If someone doesn’t want their child reading a particular book, then don’t have them read it, or actually parent your child and keep them from reading whatever. Book banning is an easy way out, in my option.

I interviewed someone who loves reading; she will read all the time and then write her opinion on the book she just read.  Book banning is a hot topic for her, she feels very strongly about this topic. What is your opinion on book banning? She responded “I feel that book banning is an infringement on my rights as a free citizen of the United States of America and as I reader. I don’t like having anyone alas make my decisions for me. I am not against laws that keep myself and other safe, however books are not a danger and I feel that readers should be allowed to make their own decision regarding what they read, and the parents or guardians of minor children should make these decisions for their own families. There were no restrictions on my reading when I was a child and as a result I now read anything and everything that I want. I have read many books that are or have been banned, consequently Ulysses by James Joyce and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley are some of my favorite books and they were on the banned list for many years. Book banning has been going on since the invention of writing. It troubles me to think of how many stories have been lost through book banning. Imagine it, in the years before the invention of the printing press when book banning was popular, how many books were lost because the few handwritten copies that existed were burned. “

Do you think we need it? “No. I feel that adult readers, and the parents of minor children, are capable of deciding what is offensive to them. What I feel is offensive may not be offensive to someone alas. I would never presume to make that decision for someone alas, and I don’t feel that it’s fair for anyone to make that decision for anyone alas.”

It’s a freedom of speech for an author isn’t it? “It is absolutely a freedom of speech which should be covered under the first amendment. However the first amendment does not protect “legally obscene materials.” SO, if a challenge is taken to court the challengers will be trying to prove that a book is obscene. There is a test to determine if a book is “legally obscene”. If a book meets all three of these criteria it is considered “legally obscene”.: (1) Appeal to prurient interests when taken as a whole, (2) involve patently offensive sexual conducts, (3) contain no literary, artistic, political or scientific value.”

What was new to me was that the dictionary has even been banned in several schools, the most recent being an elementary school in California.  There are over 100 books that are on this list; this is not something that happens every year it happens every week.


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It is an author’s worst nightmare to have their work be put on the ban list. Authors feel that this topic is unfair, they agree that no writer should ever be banned or censorship. When authors write a book they don’t think about what their topic will cause issues.  One author whose book was banned from schools libraries she took it the hard way.

Judy Blume has written a number of books, and her one book Forever has caused lots of talk and has been put on the ban list. A lot of fans reacted to this new book being added to the list. This book was an eye opener to young girls. It taught them about things they never knew about. It opened up girls mind to the real world of life. “Its harder enough to bring up sensitive subjects in adult book, but its pretty brave to bring these subjects to light in books that will be falling into the hands of teenagers and children.”  Blume stated that she didn’t know she was creating controversy when she started writing this book, but she writes about real issues. Its better for people to read it in a book then to face it in the real world.  Blume felt hurt that she was being added to list, she’s an author and she’s being treated like she commented a crime. Blume has no intention to change her way of writing, she believes that it’s wrong for people to ban her work in libraries.  She is a member of the National Coalition Against Censorship, and other programs that will fight against book banning.

Harry Potter has been another book that has been under fire a lot lately.  These books have caused controversy for a while now.  The Harry Potter books are a great way for kids to discover fantasy and there is nothing wrong with that. The books also provide powerful messages to there young readers.  Other people say that these books provide evil thoughts since the hero is a wizard. The books have been around since 1998 and a few states have been successful and unsuccessful with the banning of these books. In Gwinnett County, Georgia a parent challenged the book because they were scared that it was promoting witchcraft. Since the school ruled against her she took it to the state board of education. They conformed that the school had the right of say in this decision. That wasn’t good enough for her; she even took this to court. Even though the judged ruled against her she wont stop until she gets what she wants.  Now that the 7th and finale book has come out people have reviewed and looked back to the whole series.  Aaron Mead states, “Christian parents ought not to get hung up on the outward packaging of the Harry Potter novels- on the contrary, I think they should enjoy the magical packaging as interesting and fun. Rather, they should grasp the symbolism of the stories for what it is, and enjoy the familiar yet rich theological message that lives beneath the surface.” I totally agree with this parents should be glad that there children are reading books like this. There are 8 year olds that are reading this series. Why would a parent not what there kids to read books.  When kids heard about the banning of the Harry Potter they stood up for their favorite fantasy’s series.

I’ve talked to an author, Alex Flinn who wrote six great hits. Her most famous book Beastly, which just has been made into a movie. I asked her take on the subject of book banning. She responds, “Of course, I’m against censorship. Parents are welcome to decide what their own children read, but they should not try to make these decisions for other people’s children. A lot of books which are subject to censorship have great value to readers.”

I believe that banning books or making authors change what they wrote on is taking away their freedom of speech. Authors are scared to write because they don’t want to go through the trouble and heartache of others who don’t understand there writing. Even most authors don’t want their work published, so that means most of us are missing out on some classic novels.


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